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Corporate Wellness Events

Sound Baths are an amazing addition to any Wellness Retreat or as a Program to reduce stress and enhance focus and productivity!

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Whether you choose to include them as a regular offering, or just for a special occasion, your employees will benefit greatly from this experience.

Some known benefits include:

  • Reduced stress & tension

  • Increased focus, creativiry & problem-solving

  • Reduction in feelings of anxiousness and depression

  • Building stronger interpersonal relationships

  •  Helps in team building and connection

  • Increased mindfulness and ability to listen

  • Increased ability to quiet the mind

  •  Release of undesirable or “stuck” thought patterns

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased feelings of compassion & understanding (which contributes to better communication between team members)

  •  Brings a more peaceful environment to the workplace

Service Options

We travel to you and offer a variety of experiences to fit what you are looking to bring to your workplace or event. Rates are dependent upon location, type of service, and frequency.

They are designed to clear the mind and oxygenate the body, leaving participants feeling more clear, energized, and creative.


15 - 30 min

Sound Meditation

Seated or laying down guided meditation with singing bowls


30-60 min

Sound Bath

Seated or laying down experience in which participants are lead through a meditation followed by a sound bath with singing bowls. 


15-60 min

 Mindfulness Workshops

Workshops in mindfulness, making meditation accessible, stress-reduction techniques, and sound therapy. It may include team-building activities, discussion, and meditation exercises.

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Everything is completely customized to your organization’s goals.

Contact us for Consultation

 We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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